Environmental Protection

Environmental protection and public safety are top priorities for Energy Transfer. With a long history of safely constructing and operating pipelines, Energy Transfer is committed to minimizing and mitigating the impacts to land properties, while restoring land to its previous form and reclaiming any environmental impacts. Learn more about our safety statement, here.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, pipelines are the safest, most efficient way to transport energy resources throughout the United States. Nearly 70 percent of domestic crude oil and petroleum products currently travel through pipelines. These underground highways provide a critical transportation between domestic energy development and consumers, allowing low-cost energy to reach manufacturers across the country.

More than two million of miles of pipelines are currently in operation across the United States, specifically and carefully designed to exceed state and federal regulatory safety standards. With an operating lifetime of hundreds of years, pipeline infrastructure is a long-term solution to transport energy resources.

http://www.energytransfer.com/pipeline_safety.aspxIf you are aware of protected lands that may be crossed by the proposed pipeline, please notify Dakota Access with the location by calling our toll-free number 1-844-708-2635.